QoS TOS Marking for RTP video packets and/or RTCP packets




I have a problem regarding QoS in the Grandstream Wave App and therefore a feature request. First of all a short description to understand my problem.
I am using the Grandstream Wave App in a private network environment. Voice, Calls, Video Calls and Texting is working quite well. In my private network I have some connections which are bandwidth limited and I need to configure QoS on some of my routers in the network. Within the Grandstream App it is possible to configure a TOS marking for the SIP packets and the voice RTP packets. So far so good, but it is not possible to configure a TOS value for the video RTP packets.
My problem now is, the RTCP packets of the voice connection are not marked with the TOS value as well, only the RTP packets are marked. So I cannot distinguish between the RTCP packets of the voice stream and the RTP packets of the video stream. Even no video is running bandwidth for video is reserved on my system due to the RTCP packets of the voice call.

It would be helpful if the RTCP packets of the voice call also would be marked with the same TOS value as configured for voice RTP packets and/or the possibility to set a TOS marking for video as well.

Thank you very much in advance!

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you’d better report it in a ticket.


Alright, I will do so.


In Australia, I have been informed the grandstream wave app is not being developed further because something else is about to be released, I could be wrong though, I know ive been wrong before…