Pushing out updated VMPK config


I am curious how I might go about pushing out updated VMPK configuration to existing phones?
I have a base configuration template that I use to configure new phones, that is working fine. Love it in fact, just plug the phone in, update the firmware, factory reset the phone, and hey presto, all done. Brilliant.

If I want to push an updated VMPK config to existing phones, can I create a new config template file, untick all options in the template except the VMPK keys, and manually push that out to the phones?
Will that update the configuration of just the ticked options, the VMPKs, on all the phones, or will it blank out the config on the phones for all the items in the template that are unticked?

I am thinking I can have base template file with all the phones standard options I want to roll out to new phones set as auto-provisioned, and a VMPK config file that I can update as needed as peoples extensions change, and then just manually push out the updated VMPK config file to the existing phones. Some of the clients have quite frequent change of staff and they like to use BLF’s for all the other staff so they can see if they are on calls etc (instead of the phonebook), and they like the corresponding persons name on the BLF entry, not just the extension number.
Consequently, that requires relatively frequent reconfiguring of the VMPK’s on each phone, quite time consuming as I am sure you can appreciate.

Would that work? By having two templates, and updating the one with just the VMPKs ticked and manually pushing that out? Or am I best updating the VMPK in the base config file each time they have changes and pushing out the entire config again to each phone, just to change the VMPKs?

I hope my question is clear enough, please ask for clarification if required.


Dear Geo,

Thank you for using GDMS platform! When you are trying to update a specific MPK, you can check the MPK and update the MPK as the screenshot below shows, for other unchecked options, GDMS platform will not push the configuration update to the MPK.

You can create multiple templates for one device, and select the Site as “None”, then push the specific template to the device manually to resolve this issue.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Thank you!


OK cool, that’s what I thought. Sounds good. Thank you