Push notifications UCM



I have an installation with a UCM6102 PBX, a GX1345 + GXP1610 and a door station of 2n is connected to it + a gigaset N510.

There are several sonos speakers in the house.

My intention is to activate the sonos-speakers when somebody calls at the door.

There is an app SONOFY (https://sonofy.co) which can do that. It catches a push notification. You only have to learn this once to the sonofy app.

The question now is , can i send a push notification from the UCM to a tablet with a installed softphone?
I would like to install the sonofy app also on a tablet.

Thanks in advance


There is not enough info in the link your provided to know for certain.

As you want to integrate this with the UCM function of ringing a softphone, you may be best served by contacting Sonofy to see what the app looks for in order to push the notice to the speakers. As they are taking info in and then processing it to accommodate the format of the recorded notice and then sending on to their devices, they would be the ones to know for certain.

This is not to say that someone has not done this using the UCM, but rather that if they have, there is no guarantee that they are looking at the forum very frequently or at all, but you should check back to see.