PTT Question


It really doesn’t specify in the manual. When you press the PTT button and speak, why does the system wait the ten seconds before disconnecting?


How’d you even get that to work? On ours, the PTT button does nothing…


Just went into the programming ADVANCED SETTING> PAGING/PTT SETTINGS>PTT Functions and setup the settings…



I can’t believe this stuff isn’t under the web gui as well.

there should also be a corresponding web GUI control setting for this (with associated P-values)


We are testing with the pages going over MULTICAST paging on our overhead as well as GXPXXXX phones. Except for the one second delay (as noted in the docs) it is working really well!



I’ll try to answer all the current questions here:

  1. The PTT program keeps the channel open for 10 seconds to allow for further communication from the other party and also allows the transmitting side to keep talking without having to re-establish a new PTT.

  2. PTT is not enabled by default. It needs to be turned on under Settings->Advanced settings->Paging/PTT settings->PTT settings->PTT function.

  3. We will evaluate the suggestion to add PTT configuration on web UI



ANYTHING that can be set on the handset needs to be configurable via web/p-value. The 3240/75’s at least could be backed up completely on an SD card for mass-production. Since these can’t, the only option to standardize them for deployment is via provisioning. This requires both web gui and P-value support…


For me, being able to provision via GUI and Zero Config are critical; almost all of my support is done via remote (VPN) access.


The same here. We set everything for ZERO CONFIG (one of the best things about the UCM and GRANDSTREAM phones)


For us, it’s web GUI. We often use Grandstream phones without UCM PBXes, so Zero Config is almost never an option.

And in this case, the PTT seems very under-documented and there is nothing about it on the GUI that we can find at all?


I had a customer tell me that the PTT would be a great selling point for the WP800, however, we agree with Smartvox, that there needs to be some more documentation on how to set it up


It’s standard multicast paging, which is basically an endpoint-to-endpoint protocol. It also requires that all endpoints be on the same LAN. This is great for small office or well-built networks, but won’t work for hosted systems or larger LANs without complex networking.

Ideally, the PTT button could be configurable to be a PTT button or a speed dial button (which would imply emergency/panic button) or a “favorites setting” button; just about anything. If you don’t have multicast paging capabilities, you could still use the PTT button as a PTT by setting up a paging group on your PBX (UCMs do this quite nicely) and have the PTT be a speed dial for the page group, for instance.



We have noted this suggestion and will improve the manuals.




This suggestion is noted as well.




Actually, the user guide cover the operation of the PTT function quite well. If it’s still unclear please let us know.



Hm. We were looking in the admin guide. Forgot about the user guide. That’s why we posted Original information from Program Page :slight_smile:


We were also looking in the ADMINISTRATION GUIDE for setup instructions. Not sure if not having setup instructions shouldn’t also be noted in the administration guide also.