PTT key up/down tones


Recommendation - when activating PTT, I recommend a tone that is ascending (currently it has a descending tone). When let go, keeping it silent is fine, or then a descending tone. I’d also make it less intrusive.

I have two example files to show you, but can’t even upload a ZIP file to this forum (restricted) - makes it kinda tough.

Since we may also be working with logs here on occasion, why don’t you guys go ahead and add ZIP files to the allowed file types…



Thanks for the suggestion. We will evaluate it. As for the attachment issue, we have advised IT team is enable the zip format.


Once it’s up, I’ll upload a sample of the tones I was thinking (you can’t use these, as they’re based on the Apple iPhone charging tone, which I’m sure is copyrighted or something - but it’ll give you an idea of the tones). Basically, the tones should be subtle as well as ascending/descending.


Agreed. “BE-boop” as it sounds now implies the end. “be-BOOP” would imply the beginning.



FYI. You should be able to attach .zip format now.


#6 (369.4 KB)

Here’s my example files.



Thanks. We have noted the suggestion.