PSTN Trunk to Trunk transfer


I have a client using a UCM6208 with 8 analog PSTN trunks. They wish to transfer calls externally to their warehouse but the calls recall to the operator and when she answers the original call has been cut off.
The 8 analog trunks are set up as if they were DID’s for inbound (Each trunk rings to a designated extension)
Outbound routes each extension uses its designated trunk with the remaining set up as fail over.( I have 8 inbound and 8 outbound routes) It is as if the operator extension can only handle 1 call as I asked her to place me on hold and attempt another external call and this was successful. Please help


This needs more elaborate information that is left out on your system specifics …

Ordinarily, after the extension answering the call or the receptionist answers, press transfer then dial the extension / number as needed and when the call is established to hit the transfer key once more to blind transfer the call.


Thanks, i will go to site and check the procedure.