Provision/Register ip-phone from other VLAN to UCM6300


Good day! I would like to ask if anyone has encountered this issue that an IPPhone cannot register if it is located in other VLAN. The scenario is like this, the ucm belongs to VLAN 10, and the ip phones belongs to VLAN 15, When I tried to connect the IPPhones to the UCM6300 its just not work, but when the said phone is on the same subnet as the UCM at VLAN 10, it works just fine.

I tried to ping UCM6300 and the IPPhone while on different VLAN and they are both reachable from both ends. What could be the problem? Has anyone encountered and found a solution? Thank you very much.


Have you set up a route between the VLans so they have visibility to each other? have you whitelisted all IP subnets on the UCM ?



The Phone and the UCM is both reachable from both ends. I was even able to fetch phonebook via TFTP from our server located on different VLAN. However, only the registration of the extension is not working.


have you whitelisted all IP subnets on the UCM ?


Yes, I already added the VLAN IP addresses. By the way, the UCM is configured as a switch, if that is of any help.


Start a trace from both phone and ucm
Enable and disable the account on the phone
Stop the traces
And see if the sip packets reaches the ucm from the phone and vice versa.


If your PC is in the same VLAN as the UCM, can you manage the station which is in the different VLAN?



Yes, I tried to put my pc in the same VLAn with the UCM and was able to access the GRP2603P IP-phones from different VLAN. I was even able to configure the said phone with phonebook from a TFTP server from VLAN where most server is located. I will try to upload the captured packets from both side when I get back to the office later this day.


route static table
on UCM set ZeroConfig subnet WhiteList


if the SIP IP/user/password is set manually, then this should work and work from this status