Programmable Keys - Can they be set to either dial an extension or intercom instead?



I am not sure if this already exists or not, but I would like to be able to preset whether a particular VPK on the phone (GXP2170) either 2-way intercoms a particular extension or actually dials it so it rings at that extension before it is picked up. It would be nice if this could be customized to preference. We would like to intercom people rather than dial, but we currently have to do that by dialing *1 prior to the extension and causes a significant delay. We have preprogrammed an intercom button that dials the *1 but still a signficant nuisance for a delay. Does Grandstream have this option yet?


if you want to call the exxtension in hands-free or announcement mode, you must use *80+extension or *81+extension,
of course you have to program UCM and phones correctly


add this in dial plan
If someone take xxx you add prefix.
If normal call you need whatever you desire and remove it before sent to UCM.

so dialing 123 will result *1123 (added *1)
and dialing *11123 will result 123 (removed *11 prefix)

Or you can do as @damiano70 answer by using UCM pagin/intecom feature.


Thanks for the idea. However, will this work with a programmable VPK designated to call an extension number versus actually dialing the 3 digit extension with the keypad? It still adds a significant delay to making the call with the prefix being added each time.

My preference would be for Grandstream to make that an option for each assigned VPK and/or template to have it either be a ringing call or an intercom call. That would be an ideal feature add to Grandstream if it doesn’t exist somewhere in any of the new updates. Hard to keep up with the updates.


You can skip dial plan for VPK (afair)


You can set a VPK to dial an extension using only the extension number or to page the extension, but each button must be one or the other as a button cannot be both.

Think if the VPK as a form of a speed dial. This is to say that however the button is programmed, that once pushed, whatever the dial string that is associated to the button along with the function, will ALL be sent to the PBX as a single command string.

So, perhaps if you have extensions 100, 101, 102, etc., you create the first VPK as a BLF for 100, and the second as the intercom for 100, then the 3rd for a BLF to 101 and the 4th for an intercom for 101 and so on.

The BLF will allow you to monitor the extensions of interest and act as a speed dial for a one button push where the intercom will be just that, but to a different extension for each button set as such.