Problems with DP752 and Zero Config


Not having updated the model of DP752 on Zero Config UCM6204, I have problems with provisioning, it does not self-configure in any way. By forcing provisioning, restart DP752 again.
I specify that everything is done on the local network and that I have also updated the FW
In addition, the DP730 had to do it 3 times to update, the first 2 failed without reason.
I would say that more than beta we are at an alpha.
(I also made 2 factory reset twice, without positive results, I had to configure it entirely by hand).


Is there any updates on these issues, namely Zero Config and the firmware update process?


latest UCM 1.0.19.x firmware have added support for DP752 zero config. They are working on adding more settings for DP752, but it should already working in UCM 1.0.19.x