Problems when registering RFID cards GDS3710


hello sorry for the inconvenience but someone knows how to verify the proximity sensor, I have been able to enter my gds3710 but when I want to register the cards does nothing, previously when it worked well, I could register any RFID card but now I can not do it, it is some sensor problem?


Please upload the RFID card picture please? Does the card 125KHz, EM4100 compatible?

Please see below the datasheet for reference:

What is the GDS3710 firmware version and hardware version you have? Thanks!


the situation is that previously when you enable the option to read the cards, approached the card to the gds3710 and it sounded, now when approached the card does not sound as if it does not contain anything
Yes, the cards are compatible

the hardware version is V1.5A
the firmware is

sadly I will not download the firmware because when I reboot it I can no longer communicate with the GDS3710,


Boy, FW1.0.1.19, that was an antique firmware. You have to follow instruction and document to upgrade firmware first.

If the GDS not booting up or bricked, and it is under warranty, please contact Grandstream Support for RMA, or mail the device to Grandstream Support (paying the shipping) asking for help to re-burn the image.