Problems to upgrade firmware on UCM6510


Hello, I have a problem trying to upgrade firmware on a UCM6510.
First of all everything started trying to configure server since it is not working.
After everything tryed on several forums and discussions It is still not working so one of the suggestions was to upgrade the firmware, so i’ve went to firmware download and started downliading every version sin to latest, first I have started upgrading without extracting the files inside the package and I was getting no results on the upgrades, so I have extrected the .bin file afet another forum suggestion and nothing happens after I upluad the file, it just takes me to the login screen.

System Information
Model: UCM6510 V1.4B
Part Number: 9660002514B
System Time: 2023-01-27 20:07:52 UTC-06:00
Up Time: 01:57:58
Version Information

I am stuck right now, other details there is not any USB or SD inserted on the UCM.



Are you uploading latest version ?

If so please try to upgrade one by one , I hope it will work.


you must first install the FW previous to the latest version, you should do them all,
for security reasons I suggest you do it now,


You need to read the firmware release notes as there is a specific progression of firmware that must be followed. However, when you do read the release notes, there will be links to the firmware files.

Finally, there was a version that was quite a bit more as it updated the Asterisk version being used which required a re-allocation of the space within the UCM. I do not recall exactly which version, but seem to think it was either in the 15 or 17 series (you are on 16). If you do need this upgrade, follow the instructions very closely and MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A FULL BACKUP when doing the upgrades and be prepared for differences in how the UCM works or does not as GS made a number of changes.


Thanks for your answer, I did try one by one, as weel as read the instructions for each update, I have downloaded file by file from the list and follow the instructions starting from, extracted the BIN file and uploaded it to the UCM.



For this I think that I would have to use a USB storage or SD card since it is not allowing me to do any backup just for the configuration file.


Correct and why would you not have a removable or remote storage device? If the UCM were to die, how would you recover?