Problems firmware version GDS3710


We are installing GDS3710 in an installation that previously had the GDS3710 version and that work perfectly with the GXV3370 telephones. But the new GDS3710 come with version that are giving us problems. The problem is that when calling from the GDS3710 to the GXV3370 the caller is heard from the GDS3710 but when the person speaks for the GXV3370 they do not listen to the GDS3710. However with the same configuration of the Sip the GDS3710 v there is no problem works correctly.


There was a bug i think, it should be fixed in 1.0.5.x


I have updated the GDS3710 to version and the communication has been fixed, but when I send the order to open the door, it does not open to me, instead with the other version if it left me. Apparently one of the problems of version was fixed, but it has broken another one that if it worked, tell me what I can do because I have stopped 12 units of VIDEO DOOR GDS3710, and it is quite urgent.


DTMF open door ?
If yes add all phones in whitelist.



I have done more tests changing all kinds of options and I have been able to check that they still do not open the door. I have made a test and I have put that when you call reception and from the GXV3370 press the 0 there will be. But it does not open with version GDS3710, but instead it calls from another GDS3710 v and it works correctly.
We have 12 units to install, and we have asked for another 75 units and I need what to working, we have customers, resentful. Can not you send me the firmware of


Not sure if you need start white list


Just out of curiosity, you are aware you need to press # after the number entry.

Eg) If you have it set to 1 to open door, you actually need to press 1#.

This confused me also because our previous intercom just opened with a number but this device makes you press #.


you can just wait, it should open after 4s without #. You can try check it.


4 seconds is an awful long time to wait if you have someone like a courier driver etc waiting. On our previous system it would open the instant you pressed the number from the DTMF tone. It was just a thought for Ces because if he is used to “instant open” maybe he thinks the device isn’t working like i initially did and just needing the #.


I agree, but that how it works “#” is simply info for doorpone that you sent all code. it make no sense but …

If you use GDS phones then open button work immediate.


Yeah unfortunately we have 99% Yealink phones. We have about 30 units of T49G which were super expensive and can’t justify replacing yet. We do however have 2 x GXV3370 units on order, so i’ll be interested to compare them and use the Open button


Do you want to say that you put a number in the box of remote open door plus #, or simply put the number and then press #?


This is via DTMF.
VIa GS dedicated section no need “#”


I can not get the door opening to work in any way. I do not know what else to do.


Did you add phones to whitelist ?

Also u have PBX or IP connection ?


They are only telephones this time in a local network without internet access. What is being done is to replace the Fermax analog system with the VoIP protocol SIP system with asterixPBX. We are currently modernizing the installations in the barrier openings using the DGS3710 devices. and the reception of each building GXV3370 and these are responsible for opening including the security control center. And everything was working well until the DGS3710 came with version and we have experienced the problems that we are suffering. And I need a solution.


I understand that, but you not responding for questions.


Only PBX


DTMF is set correctly in GDS, PBX ? (SIP info is best)
Also you need finish code with # or wait 4s to code start.