Problem with ring in order "Ring Group"


We have some issue with the ring in order option in “Ring Group”.

We have a extension that get all the incoming call but if this person is not answering, the call is automaticaly transfered to another extension.

Whats happening is the call is transfered to the other extension in the ring group after a few seconds, when this person answer, the call is always dropped with a constant beep audio.

I can’t figure whats wrong with the configuration.



Take a network capture of a call that does this and post.


Here are the capture : Capture

Its seems to automaticaly transfert the caller to a mailbox when the extension is answering.

Thanks !


It seems to be a dial tone from the sound of it. If a mailbox, it would normally be short beep followed by a message to the caller about what to do.

I suspect that it is something within the phone itself, but I do not see anything but traffic to and from the phone, so am uncertain as to what is going on.

What happens when you dial the extension directly?


Internal call to that extension is working without any problem.
If the ring group is transfering an external call to that extension (after the pre-defined ammount of seconds) the caller will hear a message saying that voicemail is not activated when that extension is trying to answer the call.


There was no message in the capture you provided. Please replicate the call while doing a new capture on all interfaces and wait until the message plays or the call ends, and post pcap.


Sounds like you have default destination on the ring group set to voicemail of that user ( ext xxxx)
but on ext XXXX you have voicemail disabled
ring time out expires the call goes to the voicemail of xxxx but voice mail is not active and you hear the message voicemail is not active.

What happens if ext xxxx pick up the phone witin the first ring