Problem with IVR voice message



When someone call us from outside, there is a voice message should be answered, but what happens is if someone call 1st time, there is nothing happens, 2nd time the voice message answer, and this is the situation, one time doesn’t answer and second time answer !!

anyone have suggestions?


Hi there,

What sort of outside lines ? are they PSTN (analogue), SIP lines (digital) & which PBX are you using?


I have only one line, I am using UCM6202, analog trunk


Check with the provider, asking them if there is call waiting applied / turned on for the PSTN line. If there is, ask them to turn it off.

Let us know what they say.


The probelm was the unified number connects to two lines, one time first line rings and second time, the second line rings, I have disconnected one line from the unified number and now it is ok