Problem with Inbound Route


UCM 6510 Firmware:

I have an Inbound Route that I just changed. It originally went to a Ring Group during Office Hours and an IVR After Hours & Holidays.

I just added a new condition of M-F from 16:30 to 18:30 to go to an extension. The extension in question is set to forward all calls to another extension at a peered location. I can dial the local extension and get to the remote extension when I call it from the 6510.

For some reason this condition is being ignored and all calls are going to the IVR during this time period.

Has anyone had this experience before or have any ideas of what to try?


Am embarrassed to say, but it looks like the receptionist manually over-rid the programming by manually switching from default to mode 1; we needed to have this to enable system over-ride when the office was closed outside of normal routines…