Problem with GXP2100



Hi guys! My compliments to the support team!
I had a problem with the GXP2100. First, a message was displayed on the display to update the firmware. Through the WEB browser on the control panel is not connected. I connected through telnet. I specified the upgrade option via FTP. Saves the changes. I launched a TFTP server on my computer with a new firmware. On the phone, the reboot process was started by the REBOOT command.

After reboot, the phone stops at the stage:
Loading user data… Done

And now I can not connect to the phone via telnet anymore.
Help please solve this problem.


Try DHCP option 66 with tftpd program.
Any firmware should be fine.


Hi, Marcin!
Please - Explain more in detail your version of the solution to the problem.


Try force upgrade once again.
Use DHCP option 66 to set correct path via dhcp.
TFTPD is DHCP and TFP server on widows that allow you to do it.

You need basic network knowledge to set this. If you not IT then you need external help.


Today, in the morning, I read various forums on the solution of such a problem. I plugged my PC directly to the phone. In the TFTPD program, I configured DHCP (additional option 66) to my static IP address. And now the phone was able to get the IP address. But still there was a message on the screen about the need to update the firmware. Next, I changed the update settings via tftp. But the phone did not update the firmware - telling the log (viewer log) that there are not enough other binary files.
I pay attention, on the download site to the address - There is only one file (gxp2100fw.bin). I could not extract the missing files from it. I found on my PC an old firmware (GXP2100_1.0.4.9) with binary files (core, boot, prog, base, aux). And now the phone was able to update and recover.
Thank you Marcin for your attention and help in solving the problem!