Problem with forwarding calls



Anyone noticed inability of GXP1610, GXP1615, GXP1620 and GXP1625 to forward the second incoming call (say line 2) when line 1 is engaged (line 1 active call). I’m running latest firmware and the forward softkey does nothing when i press it. So I have to pick the call then transfer.
A support guy told me it’s because of 2 line keys, which i don’t buy.


What sort of system is the handset connected to? Maybe that system only allows 1 x call at a time to a handset.


I’m using everything Grandstream, UCM6510 for PBX


What are the vpmk programmed as on the telephones… 2 x line keys or account keys?


The support guy may be correct depending on the scenario-
When you have two line keys, you have set two independent instances on the phone, that when used in conjunction with the UCM extension settings of call waiting, which equates to allow multiple calls, each line is available to take and make calls. SO, if the 1st line is engaged and a second call does come in, then it will ring the phone.

If you are of a notion to only wanting to deal with one call at a time, then simply disable call waiting in the extension settings of the UCM. You will still have the 2 line keys to work with, but the UCM will only deliver the single call and then use whatever rules you have set or VM for the second call.

If you want the option, then you need to determine where you want the function to reside, at the phone (local call features) or at the UCM. The forward will need a target and you also need to consider that some softkeys are only valid for the active call, not the ringing call and is usually a condition that is preset, not dynamically used.

Take a look at the admin manual, the user manual and the UCM and play around with the settings, but I have a feeling that the expectation is that when the second call comes in, one can hit the forward key, then enter the target and press send and cause the call to go elsewhere in the background and that I do not believe is possible.


@scottsip they are currently configured as line keys, which is their default out of the box
@ lpneblett I don’t see why it should be impossible really since it works for other models. The softkey is available on the screen when a second call comes in, but pressing the key does nothing. However, I can receive the second call and transfer it while the first call is on hold.


This is bug for sure, it is @Kzioliver write.


Please advise as to what happens when you press the forward key when using a phone model where the function works. The steps taken.


1 call established
2 call incoming - ring state
Forward button from softkey below not work.

Normally it allow you forward incoming call without response.


My point being to where? As the phone can use local call features and you can set the forward and target values to where you want, what or how is the current setup working? I press the forward, now what should I expect?


Ask for number and forward where add ?
Test it on 1 normal call. Do not answer simply use forward instead of answering :slight_smile:


@lpneblett Programming keys will be a problem for people who want to forward calls to as many people. So the forward softkey would be a good option, that way you can enter the number to forward to and “send”. As it is, when you press the forward softkey, it doesn’t request for an extension number. I’m certain call forwarding doesn’t need an extra line key. You should be able to use the same line key that the call is coming through


I am not suggesting programming anything, but rather asked what mode was being used local, ucm or?
So if I understand correctly.

  1. a call comes in and is answered.
  2. While the first call is in progress a second call comes in and is ringing,
  3. While ringing, the forward softkey is pressed.
  4. Once forward is pressed, the phone should then ask for a forward to target
  5. The target is entered and upon completing the entry and pressing send, the ringing call is then sent to the target destination.

Is the above an accurate depiction of the steps needed?

By definition, as there is already one call in progress, and a second call is incoming, then there are two lines and call waiting is enabled.

Once again, another question has piqued my curiosity and off to test I will go.


Those are the steps needed. Please let us know what you find after tests.


Hi everyone,

I’m sorry, I just want to ask, will the forward softkey work if I make setting in the call features section of the phone? For example, I fill in the number in the forward busy target number or other parts in the call feature?

I hope someone can answer my question, thank you


The GS Support said they have escalated the problem to the developers. So definitely a bug.


I intended to come back to the office and test…but forgot that I had sold the last 16XX I had in stock. I don’t sell that many of them as most clients want the color screen and other, so i tend to order 16XX phones as needed.

In any event I have mixed emotions:
1, Glad that you have the issue confirmed, and
2. You must be the only person in the world who uses it as no one else that I have seen has reported it and you seem to be snake-bit given this and the hack you had.

Maybe you need to see a with doctor or other who can cure your bad luck.