Problem to resolve


I have Gxp1630 and this one can not receive calls but displays an error 603 in local call for the stations with a number range 7000.
On the other hand for the ranges of 5000 and other it works very well.
What can i do ?
Can you help me?


60x is server problem not phone. Talk with pbx administrator or provider.


Thanks but I happen to be the administrator of my pbx but I can’t find the solution.
I am in the test phase for my thesis and i have this problem.



Marcin is correct, the server is declining to honor the request. The implication is that the server dial plan is set to not allow or the 7XXX range is not encompassed in the dial config. It may be something else within, but as you have not given an indication of the PBX make or model or possibly a provider if hosted, hard to guess what it may or may not be.