Problem access HTTP for 7600 master acces point


i have AP 7600 with information :slight_smile:

GWN7600(Master) - Thu Dec 27 08:07:50 CET 2018

GWN7600 Status

       Model: GWN7600
        Role: Master
         MAC: 000b82f2addc
 Part Number: 9640000714A
Boot Version:

Firmware Version:
Uptime: 0:00:30:20

lan0 - disconnected Uptime: 0:00:00:00
TXT: 0 B/s TXU: 0 B
RXT: 0 B/s RXU: 0 B

lan1 - connected Uptime: 0:00:05:41 TXT: 119.00 B/s TXU: 386.34 KB
RXT: 221.00 B/s RXU: 664.16 KB

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so the problemm i can’t accces with web HTTP// or HTTPS and i can access with ssh

so i want a solution how i can resolve problem access HTTP for 7600 master

i wait reply from expert .



Old firmware -. old certificate block access.
upgrade and it work again


Problem is resolved

Thanks very much


Hello ,

ysterday , i change unsername adminstrateur : ==> Admin123 and username Admin

so to day i can’t access nor per username and i don’t know password

so please how i can acces with username and password for master 7600 access point

i wait a reply .

thnaks in adv


All work correctly, probably not refreshed page that kept old cookie


Problem is resolved