Problem about Bluetooth audio in car


Hi there , My name’s Jeremy.
We have Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S8, on multiple cars TOYOTA. The problem occurs on all phones and on all cars tested. สมัครufabet

The problem is that if a user places a call through regular cellular, not GS, then the bluetooth audio for the call goes to the handset, not the car - even though the call is configured to use car audio. The user is left yelling hello? hello? and doesn’t know why they can’t hear anyone.

Manually switching the audio to the handset and back to the car will fix the problem for that one call. But it is broken again for the next call.

We confirmed that is GSWave that causing this problem. Uninstalling GSWave immediately fixes the problem. Reinstalling GSWave immediately causes the problem to appear again.

I’ve tried reconfiguring all the settings, reconnecting bluetooth settings , even factory resetting the phones. Nothing works except uninstalling GSWave