Private Pin without virtual number



SInce the introduction of the ‘Disable Keypad SIP Number Dialing’ option in a recent firmware, it has been made possible to key in a private PIN without having to first enter the corresponding virtual number. The sequence is then PRIVATE_PIN # (instead of * VIRTUAL_NUMBER * PRIVATE_PIN #)

It is useful but it does not match my needs. I would like to keep the possibility to call SIP number. However, I would like to skip the obligation to enter the virtual number before the private PIN. The sequence would be * PRIVATE_PIN # . As it is possible to skip the virtual number when the option ‘NO SIP’ here above is used, it suppose it should be possible to do the same with a * before without the option ‘NO SIP’ as no confusion can then be made with a SIP/VIRTUAL_NUMBER ?

Thanks for looking at this or explaining me the potential issues.


@gedeon999: We discussed this before. For the Card database, we use “Virtual_Number” as unique index (if not RFID involved). If the 4 digits PW not duplicated, no problem. But only 4 digits will have chances of duplication when user database involved, and if the PIN duplicated, how to identify whom entered the door in the Access Control database? And some users already complained don’t like the *Virtual_Number and just need PIN similar to traditional analogue door access, that is why we comin gout “NO SIP” to meet their requirement.

In your case, if you still want to SIP call, then only choice is “Virtual_NumberPrivate_PIN#”, because one has to be unique, in this case the “Virtual_Number” because PIN could be duplicated while “Virtual_Number” per design is unique. If you want to make PIN simple, just use short virtual_number and PIN.

Hope this explains. Thank you for using GDS3710!