PRI w/ UCM6302 & GXW4501 - DIDs


hello… when programming a PRI on the GXW4501 to connect to a UCM63xx… do you need to program inbound and outbound rules for EVERY DID coming over the PRI? Or can you just dump everything over to the UCM and have routes setup in the UCM?
(my first 4501 and I am programming prior to installation … so i do not have a PRI available to test)
on GXW4501
inbound Route… _4325000
outbound route … _4325000 over SIP trunk to IP of UCM

on UCM
inbound route… _4325000 to Destination extension

any info helps… many thanks…


Isn’t there a 63xx with built in PRI or, is the 4501 just the simulated PRI for testing and programming?

Either way, it sounds like you want an inbound route of x. (Including the .). Same thing for outbound.

You can be more nuanced but x. Will simply dump everything to a specific destination.


hello… I just raced through and programmed the DIDs … inbound works great.
But i can not dial out. I only get the error “your call can not be completed as dialed. please check the number and try again”

But that is not an active call… it is inside the UCM6302.

Any suggestions?


Can you post a screenshot of your outbound route?



i have tried…


and probably a few more… my brain is melted haha





For now, set to x.

Save and apply.

Start a package capture. If the call fails. email the package capture to me and I’ll take a peek.


to be clear. That’s x. with the actual dot at the end.


tried… failed
i just emailed you.


also… would i use the same _x. in the gxw4501’s outbound? I do have it that way fyi.


x. is the best for testing. It let’s anything go through. You can use for least cost routing or other options in the future but, for setup. x. is the way to go.


Did you set up Extension DID’s for outbound anywhere in the configuration or have you no CLI for the outbound? Perhaps this is where it fails.

eg: inbound and outbound rules for EVERY DID coming over the PRI - just use one for testing as the main number. Outbound Route CID should do it - providing it matches what the ISDN is expecting.

Why not do a packet capture and see where that failure happens.


Just what I was going to say. Our telco’s here delivering PRI will block calls with no CID, calls with incorrect or incomplete CID, and calls that have numbers that are not on the customer profile (what numbers they own) - unless they allow you to control your own CID. (Here at least the feature name is removing the CID mask)


You can forward to UCM.
From what i see you need catch logs to determine what ITSP sent to you.
if x. do not work then maybe this is not number but name?