Previous impressions and suggestions for improvement


First of all - this is a great phone and works great with GDMS !
German translation is very good this time.

However, I noticed some things that could possibly be improved:

  1. LDAP field “exact match search” enabled shows stored external entry instead of local extension name
    if external contact matches in parts
  2. Icon wobbling effect doesn´t look professional if you´ve seen it a few times
  3. Ringtone autodetection by zone like on gxv phones would be nice
  4. Display is a bit too glossy for bright environments.
  5. the black glossy display glass is highly senstive for fingerprints which doesn´t look great after a complete workday.
  6. Ringtones should be more modern ones
  7. Translation for “Show Date On Status Bar” in german language should be “Datumsanzeige in Stauszeile”
  8. Year isn´t shown when “Date display format” is set e.g. to “dd-mm-yyyy”
  9. No change in display if choosing “dd-mm-yyyy” or mm-dd-yyyy".Display always stays mm/dd time
  10. When choosing history>missed calls moving down to entries from last day then only the date is shown and how often the call came in.
    it would be great if there was an option for details on such a marked entry.Instead of only the date and how often someone called,
    it would be meaningful to know at what time the last call came from this CID on that date.
  11. Deleting call history could be faster if there was an possibility to optionally dispense with the security inquiry like “confirm to clear…?”
  12. The mechanic on hook switch could be replaced by e.g. an optical one
  13. When a call is put on hold using the BLF key (transfer via non-Transfer MPK) and the transfer mode is set to Transfer Passed via VPK
    There could be a convenient option to simply press the “conference button” to start the conference between me, the held participant
    and the requested person - for getting a better workflow
  14. Replacing the protective film is a big fumble. Especially in the MPK display
  15. The stand could be wider on the left side to ensure a better position of the phone when pressing the upper buttons in the left area

I will continue to report another day…
Regards Michael


Thanks for the suggestion,
We are checking them accordingly