Possible to route via WAN or VPN based on VLAN?


I’m wondering if it’s possible for outbound gateway routing?

For example, with the GWN7000, I will be using it as a VPN Client with OpenVPN to connect to a VPN server.

I also want to create some rules whereby VLAN 111 devices are routed over the WAN, and VLAN 222 devices are routed over the VPN.

Is this possible?
OR, alternatively, can you use routing based on MAC addresses (if VLAN’ing is not an option).

I am looking to make a purchase ASAP, so any info would be much appreciated. Thank you.


I just use GWN7k as OVPN-Server. Dunno if i’ve understood. Anyway,…
You should have some local subnet that has to use the OpenVPN Tunnel, to the remote networks/services. Right? They should go to the tunnel, to reach them. This could be VLAN222, for example. It should be in the OVPN setting page.
VLAN111 should not be part on the interfaces group involved in OpenVPN and then should use only the default policy, that’s WANx.
Or VLAN222 must have all traffict redirected to the OpenVPN tunnel?


i connect the GWN7k as OpenVPN client and connect to a VPN server.

then on my LAN I have VLAN 111 and VLAN 222.

any device on VLAN 111 will route through the WAN.

any device on the VLAN 222 will route through the OpenVPN tunnel.

is this possible?


Once you create the VPN Connection (1 OpevVPN for Wan/Iface), device will create Policy Routing and Firewall rules as defaults (destination). Then you have to customize them to allow/deny traffic (from/to)and add/remove interfaces from rules.