[possible bug] Autoconnecting bluetooth devices with GXV3380


I tried pairing my iPhone with my GXV3380. Paired on first try, contacts synced. Excellent!

When I disconnect my iPhone however, either by exceeding bluetooth distance, restarting my iPhone etc. I’ve noticed it never reconnects unless I go back into the GXV3380’s bluetooth settings and explicitly select my iPhone.

When I do manually reconnect it, “media audio” which was previously disabled gets re-enabled. This is obviously frustrating as it hijacks audio from the device without my intent/desire.

Curious if anyone has encountered similar or knows of a workaround to make this work better.


I also noticed when rebooting the phone, it finds my iphone. So it seems like bluetooth scanning operates on boot, but once disconnected doesn’t try and re-establish.

Also when it connects on reboot, the phone doesn’t steal “media audio” it remembers the previous setting.

So this inconsistent behavior strongly suggests a bug.