Possible battery issue / battery recommendations?



Has anyone had an issue with phones showing low battery (and potentially dropping calls and powering off) even after being on the charger overnight? I’ve seen this happen maybe 4 or 5 times now.
We bought our DP-710’s in 2 lots, one set about 8 months ago, the other 2 or 3. IMHO neither should be old enough to have battery issues.

I was contemplating replacing the 500mAh AAAs they come with with some ~1000mAh NmH Duracells or something. Anyone tried that? I’m running firmware


I was and am having this issue as well. Early on, it seemed like the OEM batteries stopped holding a charge? I replaced the OEM Cells with Tenergy Centura Low Self Discharge NiMH 800mAh. Very good batteries but handsets are still showing strange battery levels and dropping calls as well as loosing power to the screen. The only way to recover is to pull batteries out and reinstall. This is VERY annoying. It seems to be happening more since I am now running, but handsets are unreliable and becoming unusable. Grandstream suggest that there might be some connection to using batteries with capacity in excess of 500mAh?


So if i understand right

I cannot use batteries with more 500 mah or phone goes crazy ??? this is sucks a lot if true .

I buy a dp 715 about 2 weeks working normal until now batteries reiman 3 days out of base 2 days with more use.using firmware


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FYI, two weeks ago I refreshed and tested all of the batteries (see above) in my 16 handsets using a La Crosse BC-1000. They all fell within 40mAh (760-820mAh) of spec. Now the handsets are dropping and dying again. I retested the batteries and found that their capacity had diminished to between 390-610. These handsets always sit in the charging bases when not in use. Grandstream, is it possible that the bases are not capable of managing and maintaining batteries in excess of 500mAh? If so, why? Also, are the charging smarts in the PSU, base, or handset?



Charging smarts are in the handset. 7VDC PSU is just that and is hard wired to directly to the base contacts. Grandstream, if this is not a hardware limitation inflicted by design, can we expect an update and when.



I had these phone for few days and noticed that the battery compartment is always warm if the phone is in the cradle, no matter for how long the phone was charging/if it’s fully charged.
I guess there is continuous power supplied to the batteries, which may be the reason for early battery deterioration.

None of my cellphones or dect phones will stay warm after they are fully charged. They will just cut the supply off.



My problem with batteries will not the batteries but the 2 littles pins inside the cradle 2 extension have this bug!,

I just replace the pins and now no more batteries discharged, but one of the original batteries are dead after 1 month…



i finally took mine apart just to see how the charging circuit was designed…what charging circuit? GS engineers apparently skipped the battery management class in school. The battery charger is just a trickle charger with no float capability. The low current charge is far too strong to keep a fully charged battery from destroying itself.

I applaud GS for providing an inexpensive product, however this cut corner really makes this product unusable. we have instructed our users to leave the phone on the charger when they leave the office for the day, and remove it when they arrive in the morning. This is the ONLY way we have been able to prevent battery failure.


Guys, my handset stays in an ever charging mode. It has been so since new. I expect to see a final acknowledgment from GS on the reason for this.
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I can survive but I want to know … if it’s a hw design problem? if batteries are out of spec? if something that can be fixed via firmware?