Ports on GWN7602 dont work after Update


a customer has several GWN 7602. since the update to version 1.025.3 the ports do not work anymore. In the controller it shows “connected”. But under wired clients there are no clients to see. The clients do not get a valid IP address. I made an update to version No improvement.
only a downgrade to made the ports work properly again.
what is the reason for this? Is there a new setting that disables the ports?
I am looking forward to your answers.
Sunny greetings




You mean I should create a ticket?


You could as well give a reset (hrough CLI) a try. The latest firmware version is, have you tried that one already?


hello, I do not know what you mean by CLI? The firmware I have not yet tested. I’m a little cautious now, before I do not know what the problem is, I let it run with the old firmware.


You can use SSH to connect and use the command line interface to factory reset the device (login, 9, f).