Port Forward from VPN group to LAN group (GWN7000 as OpenVPN client)



I have a network like the one on the following picture:

Machines inside the LAN are connected to the Internet through an ISP which assigns private addresses on its network so I cannot set up a VPN server on the GWN7000 that serves the LAN. I set up a VPN server on a VPS which has a public static IP address and connected the GWN7000 as an OpenVPN client as well as a remote computer at home.

With this setup, I cannot access machines inside the LAN from remote clients over the VPN, so I had to connect PC with IP address (inside the LAN) directly to the VPN, so I can access this PC through IP address from other machines connected to the VPN.

Problem is I also need to access the DVR inside the LAN (marked with IP address from the VPN, but the DVR does not have an OpenVPN client. I think this can be solved making port forwarding of the required ports on the GWN7000 from (the IP address of the GWN7000 on the VPN) to (the DVR), but the Port Forward interface on the GWN7000 (Firewall/Basic/Port Forward/Add) only shows the WAN groups on Source Group. I don’t see a way to thell the GWN7000 packages from the VPN group or the IP address should be forwarded.

Is it possible to forward packages from the VPN address on the GWN7000 to the LAN or it can only forward packages from the WAN interfaces?



hey, did you get through with this?