Poly Voyager Focus B825 dropping calls


Hello everyone! I have a bluetooth Poly Voyager Focus B825 that is dropping calls whenever we get multiple calls at once. It’s random though.
I’ve tried upgrading the 2170 to the newest firmware; finding a different phone that didn’t have above 11.39 and downgrading to 9.63, then back up to 11.6. I tried routing calls through their computer, but I don’t think I set it up correctly. We even turned off the Tekk X-700 radio that was on their desk. We don’t have another Bluetooth headset to experiment with either.

I have looked through the syslog files for the exact times when the headset would drop a call, but it’s vague as to why it was dropped. Forgive my sentence structure. I am tired and this issue is frustrating. Is there anything to look for in syslog? I know this is a huge guessing game, but I need to iron this out so we can purchase more headsets in the future.

Thanks a whole bunch in advance!