Please Upgrade Immediately: Firmware for UCM6202/6204/6208/6510 Released as Official



they also reported “hacking” on UCM versions 1.0.20.xx (I have not verified),
does anyone have information about it?
I ask the Community for feedback to get feedback on what they told me and as I said I could not verify.
Also because if this were the case it would be a really serious situation and to report immediately to GS.


i opened a ticket a couple days ago requesting more info on the ports used for the hacking and the HELPDESK has failed to respond. imagine that. their security releases are sad and inadequate, looking at better alternatives for a pbx. let me know if you are using a better pbx


as a general rule on any VoIP PBX of any brand, the doors must be opened.
Otherwise, sooner or later you will be hacked.
Doors should always be open in the ACL.
Any other choice exposes the Product to fraud.