Please just bring back old forum


The old forums used to be full of vital information to keep our UCMs going. Now with this new thing, I am lucky if I can even find posts about UCMS.

This is a huge step back in customer service. I can only imagine how many more support calls you get because people can not help each other on the forums anymore.


I agree it is very different than it was.

Let me know if you need any help!


You can search for posts by @smartvox, @drostoker, @Marcin, @lstutesman, and others and see how many of us complained about this. In fact, the #1 top post in the past year (which really means since Februrary) is @VanIsle’s post, “Most Useless Forum Site EVER!” (Most Useless Forum Site EVER!).

Keep up the good fight, but don’t expect any real change.


I can’t even figure out how to post my current question as it keeps asking for category but the only categories I see are Site Feedback, Beta Club, Wave App, etc.


If the current forum is to stay, it needs a lot of tweaking!


Hello Rhein,

when you are logged in browse to

join the groups, then when you go to make a post, the categories will be accessible. If you wish to ignore content of any of the categories completely, leave the group and it will be out of sight.



Ok that makes a huge difference!! I wish I had found the groups thing a long time ago.

Thank you


Thank you for the feed back, we will add it onto the welcome message for new forum users shortly.



Or, change the default to have new member belong to ALL groups and provide instructions for leaving a group. This may prove less problematic that the current setup.



We’ve updated the initial registration process to shed more light on these items to new users.

Thank you