Play notice before connecting to person [Solved]


I would like to play a message to notify callers that all calls will be recorded. It must play before connecting to an operator’s extension.

EDIT: The solution was to use Audacity to re-encode the audio file.


This typically plays as the call enters the system if you record all calls.
This is fairly new so firmware would need to be up to date.


A caller only needs to be recorded when connected to an operator


The message will only play when a call is about to be recorded.


If you don’t want to go update things, you can use an IVR for this. Make all the entries blank, set up the recording to be the message you want to play to inform people that the call will be recorded, set the timeout to zero, and the timeout destination to your operator. Then send the call to this IVR. They’ll hear the message and be directly transported to the operator.

You can also use a ring group or a queue to do this, and record your message saying that the call will be recorded, and use this message as your “Music on Hold” but there is no guarantee that the caller will hear this message in its entirety before the call is picked up by one of the ringing phones.


Thanks, I upgraded to firmware version 18. Is it possible to change the recording under PBX Settings -> General Settings -> General Preference -> Record Prompt? … “This call will be recorded.”


This is the only way I know of:


Is the recording saved somewhere on the operating system? I can log in using SSH terminal.


Of course it’s saved. You just don’t have access to it that way. :slight_smile: This isn’t a Linux based Asterisk box that you can SSH into and have access to the file system. It’s a closed ecosystem that you can only gain access to things that Grandstream allows.


Yes you can change it. It is internal Asterisk file so you must replace it via Voice prompt.
This have manual inside :slight_smile:


Is it possible to download the existing default voice prompts, make a change, and upload them all?


One at a time, maybe. Again, you have no direct access to the filesystem.


I always recommend adding the disclaimer on the main IVR, that way you can chose to record or not.

Also you can play the disclaimer as the “prompt” of a ring group and the operator is the only one in the group. That way the phone will ring after the disclaimer is played. Of course you still need to get the disclaimer and add it as a “custom prompt”, and I guess you can get it from the internet since it is an Asterisk prompt.


Yes and no.
You cannot download them from UCM, but most are asterisk so you can download from there.
Anyway why need them ? You just replace what you need and leave rest not uploaded.


Is this right?

  1. Create folder called “en_new_prompt”.
  2. Put “dialog-being-recorded.wav” into folder.
  3. Create text file called “info.txt” containing text “English” followed by a blank line.
  4. Zip “info.txt” and “en_new_prompt” into “”.
  5. Open “PBX Settings” -> “Voice Prompt” -> “Choose Voice Prompt to Upload”, and select “”.
  6. Select "Language: " -> “English : en” or “English: en_new_” ? Click “Check Prompt List”
    ? English has up arrow and cannot be downloaded
  7. Click “Apply Changes”


In basic yes. This new will replace old file and rest will be from original.
Extension -> if not default then you must set on new set en_new_

This not block download original file.


I use “Choose File to Upload”. The .ZIP file contains a folder called “en_new_prompt” which contains “dialog-being-recorded.wav”. The .ZIP also contains a text file called info.txt with the text “English” followed by a /r/n.

The new call recorded message did not replace the existing by following those steps.


This means file you prepared is wrong (or recording is in incorrect format).


128 Kbps, 8000 Hz, 16 bits, 1 channel, PCM WAV. 5 seconds long.

Can you upload a ZIP file that has the correct structure?


Upload Custom Prompt
If the user has a pre-recorded IVR prompt file, click on “Upload Custom Prompt” in Web GUI→PBX
Settings→Voice Prompt→Custom Prompt page to upload the file to the UCM6200. The following are required
for the IVR prompt file to be successfully uploaded and used by the UCM6200:
• PCM encoded.
• 16 bits.
• 8000Hz mono.
• In .mp3 or .wav format; or raw/ulaw/alaw/gsm file with .ulaw or .alaw suffix.
• File size under 5M.

zip = no

Audacity is one of the better audio creration/editing tools out there for this type of work,. Of course, you can also use a phone connected to the UCM to create a prompt.