Plantronics cordless issue with and custom uploaded ringtones




I have played around some with uploading custom ringtones just to test the feature.
I have found a bud with incomming calls to cordless Plantronics headsets when using uploaded custom ringtones. There is no outbound audio. Inbound audio works fine. For purely outbound calls the audio seems to be working normally. I have played around with different settings but from what I can tell the only soloution is to remove the custom ringtone if you want the Plantronics cordless headset to work. I have not tried this with other brands so it may or may not be limited to Plantronics headsets.

Not a major bug but a bug nonetheless

Thomas Cannervall


I can confirm this bug!



Hi All,

This issue still exists 20-08-2020 using firmware

The workaround is to avoid using uploaded wav or mp3 custom ring tones.
Instead, use provisioning to deliver custom ringtones to the phones via ring1.bin, ring2.bin and ring3.bin

Use the ringtone generator to create your custom ringtones
Place the ring1/ring2/ring3.bin file into your firmware provisioning path
Reboot the phone to provision the ringtones.

Hope this helps.