Plans to Upgrade to Android 4.4


Are there any plans/timeline to upgrade to Android 4.4. Many apps don’t support any version below this one.









according to cpu-z, the cpu is an Allwinner A20

The A20 is listed with support for 4.4

a source for the SDK:




I would love this device OS can get upgraded. Is there any plan to upgrade to the new Android version?


It would be nice to see it updated indeed. It’s still a pretty good phones but just outdated.


unfortunately with the release of the new models I think that others will fall into oblivion, but I also think like you that there should be updates.


They released the GXV3370 last year to replace the 3275. However, they said nothing about a new 3240.


Last I heard they were still looking into the possiblity of an upgrade. As I understand it, there are hardware issues in doing this. FWIW.