Plans to support Apple AirPods?


Does anyone know if Grandstream has planned to add support for Apple AirPods in the near future?


If you mean native airpod support, it is highly doubtful as Apple is the only one who makes and controls that aspect. If you mean standard Bluetooth then it reported that the airpod is compatible to Bluetooth and should be able to pair as is. It just won’t have the same sound fidelity, but then they are telephones. I do not have airpods, so cannot confirm, but various Google searches which includes results from Apple, all tend to point to success.


I can confirm that there’s a way to pair them using Bluetooth. A quick Google search will help.

The Apple controller however is specific to Apple products.


Yes, you can pair them using Bluetooth very easily via the phone’s menu on the GXP21xx series phone.
But audio is not working, see

So pairing them makes no sense since you cannot use them for making or receiving calls.
I am just wondering if Grandstream could somehow make this work.


Hmm. I have paired and used other devices not on the list without issue.

This would be a question best posed via a ticket to support as if you have tested and seen that audio is not flowing, then it would be a developer question outside of the user forum’s ability to handle.


(Sorry to reply to a year old thread although this may be useful to people finding this conversation as I did)

I have been able to pair airpods with a GXP2170 without any problem. You just need to make sure both earphones are in the opened case and press the button on the back until the light inside starts to pulse. They should then connect like any other bluetooth device.

I appear to have absolutely terrible audio quality though. Sounds like a stuttering robotic reproduction of the first ever mobile phone call.

Shame as I use these fine when in voice/video conferences on my laptop, and even double tapping to answer/end calls works.


I also had the horrific final-words-of-a-robot-being-tortured-and-about-to-perish level of audio quality- on the GXP2135.

(surprisingly enough though, the GRP2615 was :+1::100: with the audio quality while using Airpods in handsfree mode)