Plaise help me configuration OPENVPN WITH GRANDSTREAM UCM



hi all im used GRANDSTREAM UCM and i want to use openvpn to access to my data on local(openvpn client-server) plaise help me how to use its
im waitting you


The UCM is an OpenVPN client so that it can connect to an OpenVPN server.

I am not sure what you are asking or trying to do. Can you provide a more detailed expaination?


thanks for your time bro
im want to use options openvpn on grandstream ucm server to access my data local from my home
how to do configuration
garndstream ip local its
im waitting you


I understand that you want to create an OpenVPN tunnel from your home to access data on your work network and you want to do that through your UCM. This is not possible.

What you need is something like the GWN7000 to act as an OpenVPN server so that your home PC can connection to the work network and do what you want.


thanks bro
but what’s the rules of options openvpn on grandstream ucm???
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It us to allow the UCM itself to connect to another network and establish a Peer trunk to another UCM on a remote network where that remote network has an OpenVPN server.

I have not used it so I cannot provide anything more specific.


Maybe this can help you to understand how it´s working:


thanks friends for this :wink: