Pick up incoming pstn called


i have UCM6102 , how to pick up incoming pstn called ? i want to pick up after 2 ring and dial to sip extension 1003 .


The terminology is a little confusing as I am uncertain if you want the UCM to receive the incoming call and direct the call to extension 1003 or if “you” want to answer the call when you hear it ringing and then transfer the call to 1003?

I assume you want the UCM to answer. If so, then the answer time is dependent on you having run the FXO tests so the UCM is optimized for your PSTN line condition and if there is caller-id (CID) involved and how the provider delivers it (between what rings). As an example, in the US, CID is delivered between rings 1 and 2. Once delivered, the UCM will recognize the call and deliver the call according to the inbound rule set for that trunk and when delivering the call to the endpoint, will also deliver the CID into. You will note that the answer, in this case, is dependent on how soon or long it takes the owner of extension 1003 to pickup when the call is delivered.

If you want the call “answered” without being dependent on 1003, you could create an IVR where the IVR has no key press options, no prompts. 1 loop, 1 sec timeout which then has the destination set for 1003.

Answer is a relative term as when the IVR is employed, the call is truly physically answered as the PSTN line is now off-hook and in use, but from the caller’s perspective, the call is perceived as answered when he hears a voice…be it the callee’s, voice mail or other.


what I mean is a user call coming from the PSTN to the extension number in UCM. For example, I make a call from the PSTN to the FXO number that is connected in UCM, after two or three rings, UCM will take the call and provide information to the caller with a dial tone, then the caller from the PSTN presses the number of the UCM extension to go. so extensions in UC can connect and communicate with users from the PSTN. Can you tell me how to configure the UCM so that it can be as I explained above


I think you mean/need an IVR.

This is when an incoming call is directed to an IVR by the inbound route. The IVR will answer the call and play back a prompt to the caller, which is a recording that you make which informs the caller about the options the IVR offers. You can set the IVR to allow the caller to dial various extension types as well as assign key presses to buttons so that the caller can be informed of what each key press does/goes to in the event they do not know the extension number. You record the prompt first which may say something like -

Thank you for calling ABC company. If you know your party’s extension, you may dial it at any time. Otherwise, please listen carefully as our menu options have changed, for sales press 1, for accounting press 2, for Mary Smith press 3 and so on. The caller will not be presented with another dial tone, but instead will make their selection and enter during the IVR response time.

You can find out more about the IVR and their setup in the admin manual of the UCM.