Phones not listed in Zero Config



Hi When I click Zero Config on my UCM6202 no phones other than those that I have found using Auto discover are listed. I am using GXP2170 phones. I have upgraded the UCM to the latest firmware - no change. I could go through and add each phone manually using the Auto Discover, but that seems to me to defeat the object of Zero Config.


Use the Auto Discover tool but sending a SIP Message to a broadcast address. This will send the message to each IP address in that subnet.

Normally: xx.xx.xx.255 in a standard network.


The automatic discovery of GS phones on the UCM’s Zero Config relies on multicast working fully on your network. If it doesn’t, then the phones will not automatically appear. Furthermore, you may encounter other issues related to Zero Config provisioning if multicast is not correctly setup on the switches and routers.


Thank you Frederick. This solved my problem…


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