Phones hang GXP1610


The 3 new IPs of the GXP1610 phone in turn hang up once in 1-2 days, stop responding when buttons are pressed, and do not ping from the network, power reset helps.
Phones are connected via an uninterruptible power supply with AVR function
For the test, the phone was installed Linksys, it is already working the 4th day, there is no gap with it.

Software version

PBX is used by Asterisk 13
problem on video


Also have this with gxp1630’s with same firmware. Using phone system


It will require syslog read, go with GS Helpdesk (that what i recommend).
You can also Factory them and set basic settings only: SIP server + login/pass and see what happend. It can be some option.


Obvious firmware issue is obvious


By the way, right from the box all 3 phones didn’t want to connect to the asterisk, and the zoiper immediately connected, I had to update all 3 phones to the latest firmware version, and only after updating the firmware they connected, but with periodic hangs


If this is firmware then ALL phones should be affected.
i have thousand phones on market no problem detected this mean that problem is more complicated then “firmware”.


Suffering the same problem in several clients, I am desperate !!!


I had this problem with 4 out of my 6 1630’s. I updated from firmware 128 to beat version 132 and phones have been stable for about a week.


As it is, but this situation has been insufferable.