Phonebook deleting



Despite we have in Zeroconfig configuration for Phone:

"Remove Manually-edited Entries on Download " : NO

manual entries in Phonebook are deleted…

What could be wrong ?

Also over web interface on IP phone I have checked and everything is configured by the book…

I tried several things but It doesn’t help…

  1. factory reset
  2. even replaced phone with brand new one
  3. latest firmware

Phone model: Grandstream GXP2135




I have a solution. You should buy Cisco instead of Grandstream.


this is a Grandstream forum, it is not the garage sale,
There is also the Cisco forum where you can propose your ideas.
Thank you


are you sure its using xml and not ldap for the download? I tend to use ldap for the directory, on the phone in the contacts there is usually a download button, if you download a the new phone book it replaces the entries that the user changed locally?


I am adding personal phone numbers in Grandstream IP phone, and generally ZEROCONFIG is configured that manual entryies in phonebook are not deleted on download a phonebook from UCM… but instead of this, my personal entries in phonebook are deleted… and no one knows how… I contacted my support provider who sold us Grandstream PBX and phones, and they don’t have an idea…


Phone is downloading XML from UCM… but yet again configuration in a phone phonebook is as i marked with yellow color on a screenshot… and Remove manally-edited entries on Download is “NO”, so I understand It should not delete your manual edited entries… but it’s deleting…


if you use Zero config it conflicts with the manual use of entering the address book, try entering the address book on zero config, instead of manually on the phone


on Zeroconfig under Global Policy

XML Phonebook :

Phonebook source: LDAP Directory
Phonebook download interval: 5min
Remove Manually-edited Entries on Download: No


as already mentioned, you should manage the address book either manually or via Zero Config, it’s just a suggestion.


How can I manage address book via zero config, as every user have their own numbers which they save in their phones?


you didn’t mention the PBX you are using,
I imagine it’s a UCM630X,
in this case I advise you to first check and then update the FW if necessary,

I honestly use LDAP configg from scratch and not XML, and I don’t have this problem

Below you will find the link to the necessary documentation, to answer all your questions,

If you don’t receive further advice, you can contact Grandstream directly at this link


Sorry, I forgot to mention, I am using UCM6302.


using a 6202 and a gxp2170 with xml phonebook, the download did not remove any address i manually added to the phone. a redownload and a reboot did not delete the manually added entry.
One Caveat I found was:
the dial button on the manual added entry worked(dials number) where as the downloaded entries the dial button DOES NOT work. i will try out a 6300 later
phone config below