Phone still loses network connection after long period of no use


Same, 1 and 2 not work.I can call HANDSET (and call from it) ! :stuck_out_tongue:
Will try debug.


Okay, so it looks like it only takes 17 hours or less before it loses connectivity, since that’s how long it’s been since I last posted about it in this topic, and now it’s not responding. Will try again and have syslog and debug information ready by Monday.


I have a question about this: Since, for us, the device requires rebooting in order to make it responsive again, will this clear the debug information from when the network failure occurs?


Syslog will be there, i checked it :slight_smile:


Syslog and other internal logs are not cleared after a reboot (only a factory reset can clear it). However, if you had a packet capture running it will be cancelled and not saved.

Are you guys reproducing this issue on






Has the issue reproduced on Do you guys have the new logs?