Phone still loses network connection after long period of no use


I think this is different than what other people were reporting with previous versions of firmware, but if not, I apologize.

We’re running and about to do the .13 update. Our WP820 has been sitting online but without any provisioning other than wifi connection for days. Went to connect to GUI and nothing connected. Rebooted phone and it connects. Didn’t think to disconnect Wifi and connect again because our password is complex and hard to type on keypad.

This sounds like the same problems from

Is THIS fixed in the.13 release?



We resolved an issue with registration lost due to power save mode in the new build and advise to try Please also enable debug syslog so if the issue does reoccur we can look into it.

For your handset, are you using TCP/TLS protocol? Also when you see that registration is lost on the handset, can you attempt to make a call and see if it goes through?



You may have missed this part:

No SIP accounts were configured on the phone. It was just sitting there with wifi configured after a factory reset, and nothing else. Therefore, TCP/TLS vs UDP or REGISTERs are not apropos to the problem we saw.



Sorry I overlooked your post. From what your saying the web UI became unresponsive after leaving the device idle for a few days? We had reports of such issues during the early firmwares but have not been able to reproduce this problem in recent builds. If you can replicate this behavior on we do want check the logs and resolve it.



That is correct. We will upgrade to .13 and let it sit all of next week, since we’re gone for our annual staff retreat.



We will try to replicate this issue here in our environment per your setup.




Has this issue reoccurred on Were still trying to reproduce it.



Yes. Phone sat for ~10 days with no configuration other than factory reset and wifi configured (so no SIP accounts). Was unreachable via ping or web. After a reboot, it was reachable at the same IP address.



Could you please provide the debug files for us to review?



Just realized phone was never updated to latest firmware. Let us do that and let it sit again for a few days before we send data.


@GS.Rick It happens to me too.
Phone work ok (dial, receive calls) but www cannot be opened.
After simple restart i can access http.
Handset was out of cradle (on cradle never happens).
I’m uploading new fw now (15) and will check if that happens again.


Yes. Still does it on .13. We’ll be doing the .15 upgrade as well to see what happens. It seems to take about 3-5 days of sitting idle before it happens.


For me it was not idle. Just out of cradle.
It look little same as problem with account disconnect if not on cradle (that was fixed).


“Idle” in this case just means “has not been touched in any way.” In our case, the phone is literally factory reset with no configuration except for wifi connectivity. So this isn’t the result of anything SIP related, unless the phone dies because it’s NOT connected to a SIP server.


By the way, we just upgraded to .15, did another factory reset, connected back to wifi, and will let it sit for a few days to see what happens. Again, NO OTHER CONFIGURATION DONE.


I have full sip registration.


Our WP820 has been upgraded to .15, then factory reset, then added to wifi network, and that is all. We haven’t even logged in to change the default password (though we did confirm web connectivity). We’ll check back in a few days to see how it’s doing.


@Marcin @SmartVox

Please make sure syslog is set to debug mode on the handset. When the issue does occur again please note down the approx date and time you attempted to access the web UI and then do the one-click debugging to get the syslog, logcat, etc and attach it here for us to review.

Also the next time this issue occurs could you guys try below procedure:

  1. When you cannot access the web UI try moving the handset closer to the AP/router
  2. Wake up the handset, wait 1 minute and try access web UI
  3. If #2 and #3 didn’t work, reboot the handset and then do the one click debugging.



I can say for sure that #1 and #2 won’t do anything. Our handset is 3 meters from the access point with a direct line of sight. Also, the first time this happened, we tried, waited, tried, waited, and played with it for 15-20 minutes before restarting it.




Thanks for the feedback. We are trying to see if its related to weak signal or WiFi dormant problem. Please try to get the logs so we can review it.