Phone registered in GDMS.CLOUD but not in UCM6301


for two days, I have had this problem regularly, I have to restart the phones several times and it works again…
There on the top screen, there are phones connected but all the extensions are marked unavailable (except the local extension)

UCM6301 (for more than two months)


What ip phones? And on what firmware?
What is the inform interval on their tr069 settings?


Thank you for your reply!
Concerning TR-069, I think you asked the right question, the disconnections take place every 24 hours (86400 sec.), you think that if I change the time delay in the UCM only it will work, I can’t find the parameter in the station configuration in GDMS, it would be necessary to add P values?
For remote phones: there are 3 x DP752 ( 3 x GRP2616 (, on site a GRP2616 (, the UCM6301 is version, in fact 1 GRP and one DP per site, there are currently 3 remote sites, the main company site has an internet connection dedicated to telecoms. Each time, all remote phones are desynchronized from UCM, but not from GDM, and all remote phones at the same time. I don’t receive any notifications from UCM or GDMS.
They currently have UCM RemoteConnect - Plus (expires 07/21/2024).
I have several sites with this kind of configuration, this is the only one with which I know this problem, they are all UCM with, and always with GRP ,and TR-69 86400 sec.


Does the status of the registration change on gdms after forcing the sync configs of the device (including account)?

You can use P values to change on the gdms (text editor)
Modify it to 300 and see if the issue persists!

And regarding the issue with the phones losing registration, this could be a nat issue,
Try to reduce the register expiration and you may also enable the sip keep alive on the devices.


SIP keep Alive is configured from the beginning, what concerns me is that all remote phones (which are not in the same location) are marked Unavailable simultaneously and only on the UCM, which is accessible without problem, I do not I didn’t change anything in the configuration and everything is now stable again.
The DP752 resets to Idle as soon as sync is forced, not the GRP2616, I have to factory reset them, a simple reset does not work.


The helpdesk recommended that I update UCM to Beta, the problem seems resolved, the config has been valid for 4 days