Phone Recommendations


I’m looking for recommendations, my boss wants to install all brand new phones and homogenize the office, but he’s looking for very specific capabilities.

  1. Has to be able to conference in incoming calls.
  2. Has to have walkabout handsets with the ability to connect to a bluetooth headset. He wants a desk phone as well but with expandable handsets that he can attach a bluetooth headset to so he can meander around the property while he talks to customers.
  3. Needs to work with RingCentral.

Anyone have any recommendations?


GRP261x or GXP21xx.


I rather like the GXP-2135 and GXP-2170 handsets for many reasons, aesthetics included.

Blue tooth is one of those plus items.


It might help to know what is in use now and to what system the current phones are connected. While GS has a broad range of capable phones, if not using a GS PBX, then the level of compatibility may be less than what is desired which may force a lot of manual setup.


definitely the proven GXP2135 / 2170 series with integrated BT


Double phone ? Wp820 for mobile (if range is larger then BT) + GXP for stand if he want.


On my opinion, GXP2135 / 2170 series with integrated