Phone is not receiving calls and when I do, don't receive audio


Hi there,

I recently installed a GXP1610 phone and, when I gone to test, I checked that when I receive a call, the phone is not available and, when I do a call, I cannot listen to any audio, but it reaches the number called. Can someone help me?


Not sure of your setup, is the phone on the same lan or is this a phone at a remote site that is going via a firewall/router of some kind? Sounds as if your RTP traffic (in this case the UDP ports 10,000-20,000 by default) is not being allowed through your firewall. You might want to take a look at your port forwarding rules for that traffic and ensure you have it point to your internal IP address of your UCM system. Also you might want to look under PBX Setting>Sip Setting>NAT Settings and add your external IP address here for the External Host. I would assume you are also allowing UDP traffic from you internal network to also transverse the firewall as well. If all of the above are met and the network where the remote phone is located allows the require RTP ports then you should be fine. You can also look under the extension to see that NAT is checked. Let me know the out come.


there are too many parameters to answer you,
is the phone local or remote?
do you use STUN?