Phone firmware won't update


I think it is working because it is taking a long time to come back on line!


I think it was switching to HTTPS due to a setting in your Zero Config. Turning the 3CX option off, turns off Zero Config for the phone.

Remember to turn it back on after you finish upgrading.


Um. I cannot get to the web GUI of the phone now. It has rebooted and when I go to the phone and look at the settings on the screen, the network says that it will update to the and the http is set not the https. I rebooted from the phone’s screen and I still cannot get to the web gui. Time for a factory reset?


We did not change any of the web GUI settings with what we did.

Firstly, have you tried to reset your browser window (Ctrl-F5 on Chrome)?

Secondly, has the phone’s IP address changed? Push the up arrow on the phone (navigation controls) to see what the phone’s IP address currently is.

If neither helps, then yes, do a factory reset.


Ok. I can get back into the phone and it still is not updated. It is staying on the http. Is the correct path


Try going with this one first -

If that doesn’t work then go to first.


Do I need to put that also in the place where it says config server path? Still not able to update.


There is a USB port in the phone, could I load the file from it?


Not that I am aware of.

Given that you cannot upload directly given your firmware version, your options are


Thanks everyone for the help. Finally got the firmware changed. Now on but now cannot get to phones web page. Weird. I think there is something wrong with this phone.


I am not sure what “cannot get to the phone’s web page means”

In case it means it does not load properly, i suggest you clear your browser cache (Cntrl-F5 on Chrome).


Thanks again drostoker. This phone is now UTD and working as expected :slight_smile: