Perform 2 actions by dialing one extension?


Hello! I am trying to set up an emergency notification system for our facility.
We have 3 models of phones:
GXP2170, DP720(Wireless), and some analog phones run through a GXW4216 box.

The GXP2170 supports Multicast listening, so I have them all listening to an IP that I can broadcast to by dialing extension “38”.

Since the GXW4216 and DP720 do not support multicast listening, I have set up an announcement center that sends them a prerecorded message when I dial the extension “37”.

Although I find it fairly easy to just dial “37” then “38” conseculativley, I would like to make it to where you can dial a single extension, that dials the announcement center extension 37, and then dials 38 to start the multicast broadcast.

I went as far as creating some dummy extensions that unconditionally forwarded to the extensions 37 and 38 so that I could treat the announcement center and multicast page as normally callable extensions

I have tried:

  • Using an IVR with “return to IVR menu” enabled (dialing 37 activates announcement but then ends call)
  • Using Ring Groups (does not ring 37, skips to 38)
  • Using paging/intercom groups (Just says call failed unless I add a real phone to the group)
  • Using call ques (a long shot)

Is it possible to do what I am trying to do?


I would suggest to use the following - you need an Analogue PA system though.

1 x LIU (around $20) that will convert the analogue signal from the headset port of a basic IP handset (create an extension for this handset - perhaps use a GXP1610 around $40) placed in auto answer to the Analogue PA system input - Mic 1 - PAs are cheap sub $100 + $50 for a speaker, then you do the following:

Dial the extension “37” from the new handset and ensure that Headset mode is turned on so that the conversation goes to the PA. Emergency announcement is then heard over the PA…

Dialling the same new IP extension from any phone will also allow you to use loud paging for announcements from any extension.