Password on sticker



What happens if the sticker with the password is lost and the device has been reset? Can Grandstream be contacted to provide the original password?

I wouldn’t mind having a default password. But I know it may be dangerous to put a device online with a known default password. Another suggestion would be to make the default password something generated on the mac address. It’ll be unique and recoverable for the administrator.


There is another small sticker with default password at the back of the device where the wiring interface board inserted to, that sticker will always be there if user not removing it on purpose.

We suggest user to change the default password and store the administrator password in safe places. We do have customer changed the password but forgot and lost for somehow human error. Then follow User Manual and using the shipped Wiegand cable can factory reset the device. This requires user to open the device and we do this on purpose for security reason because we do not want anyone can easily press some button to reset this device.

Yes, if open ticket and contact GS Support will get the default password. But that takes time and for everyone’s benifit, we do NOT encourage users to do this unless no choice. Yes, the password is unique and linked to MAC address and other unique product information.


Thanks, good to know. No need to worry about a bricked device :slight_smile:


Keep in mind that if anyone unauthorized has access to the unit or removes it temporarily and the sticker is inside the unit, that unauthorized person will have the passcode, could then replace the unit without anyone’s knowledge, and access it at any time. Leaving your password on the device is like sticking your computer password to the monitor with the words “password” on it.

All stickers should be removed before installation!

If not, and your GDS3705’s was compromised, you should remove the unit from service permanently, as defaulting the device will always allow the hacker to regain access at will. Remove the sticker… hint hint


The password in the back housing is only valid if the unit is factory reset, correct? So if that’s the case, they would lose all settings. If you’re properly monitoring your SIP clients, then you’d know that your door station was offline and would hopefully go investigate. Yes, the “hacker” (for lack of better word) could replace the unit, but would have very little ability to replace it with something other than a factory reset unit.


My eyes aren’t great, and I wear glasses to help with that. But I needed a magnifying glass to read the sticker on the front of the device. Even then everyone here thought the 5 in the password was a capital S. The sticker could use a little work. And so could the password change code (as mentioned in a separate thread).