Park blf not working on grp2613


We have a ucm6208 with 50 grp2613 phones. About 30 percent of the phones monitored call park buttons will not light up. They function but blf does not work.


So instead of doing the standard monitored call park buttons 701-704. Create event list in ucm then program phones for that on each set.


Am uncertain, but I do not believe an Eventlist using the UCM is applicable for Park extensions, only user extensions. The manual indicates the following for special extensions:

Somewhat cryptic as to its meaning, but I suppose you could try and enter the park spots and see what happens. I use Eventlists, but never tried with a Park.

I also suggest that if not already done, you upgrade to the latest firmware releases for both.


okay event list do and allow park in the event list


You can put them in, but does it work on the phone when setting the Eventlist and removing the old settings such that the only reference is the Eventlist rather than call park or monitored?

Just curious and if it does indeed work, I may have some sites to revisit.


Interesting enough it works via the ucm - i am just unsure how to apply the eventlist to the handset


yep it certainly works a treat…


Ryan, just amend this post if you need a hand with the configuration of event list and handsets.

It might be easier to use P-Codes to deploy en mass if your handsets were deployed by Zero Config.
Do a phone template - tell them to activate event list and all other aspects, then at the telephone level just assign the keys you need as normal - just make sure it is event list instead of blf as the attribute,

If this works for you please use the solve button.



We found if we went to the phones themselves and pressed the menu button the reboot. The phones then worked. Strange. Hopefully new firmware will help when it comes out. We also have noticed a very low volume on the speakers of the grp phones. Internal and external calls.


@totalcomm918 Ryan,

You have a large amount of BLF event notifications and unless you use the eventlist for the handsets you will still encounter the issue. I take it you are also using BLF to monitor the presence of the extensions on the telephones as well… that equates to that large number of network BLF Events on the network continually sending notification packets which can cause the staleness of some of the telephones BLF not lighting.

I don’t believe it is a firmware issue, that you have encountered. why not raise a support ticket with the helpdesk to make certain…


No blf are used for extension presence. I’ll look at the event list option. Just unfamiliar with it really.


How many Park slots do you have configured ? 50 telephones x 3 = 150 BLF notifications - packets of information and notification requests.

Do the handsets have a delay in operation - calling extensions etc or is it instantaneous?


A small delay but not much different than the norm with ucm and grandstreams - the volume seems to really be a big issue with the speaker all the way up its just really low when an extension does a voice announce *80 then the extension - you literally need to be right in front of the phone - this is for a school so we are changing all classroom ring tones to be very annoying - they wish we could have a louder speaker though in the phone - ill play around with event list then see how i can try and program that in the phone set as a button as well.


Do not use the Eventlist unless you are running the Beta firmware for the 2613. It was released on 8/30 and has a listing of bug fixes which includes:

If it were me, I would do the upgrade to the Beta, implement the Eventlist and monitor the situation. You need to read the entire release note section for the Beta as there are some upgrading notes to be aware of.