Panasonic TDA100 PBX Amphenol 50pin 24plug/ Telco Amphenol 50pin 24plug


Panasonic TDA100 PBX Analog Port
Telco cable Port (50pin 24)

I am trying to switch the Panasonic TDA100 PBX to Grandstream GXW4248 FXS Gateway device please I need a guideline to put this together. Thanks


No clue. I suspect it’s very likely, but without knowing the exact pinout, I am hesitant to suggest that it will work. There should be a part number on the cable which might define it better. If the other end is connected to a 66 block or other interface that contains the premise wiring to the analog phones, then most likely it’s usable.


Panasonic KX-TDA100 Amphenol Connector Pin Assignment Chart (
This shows the pinout of the card in question (and others).

Memory serves, the RJ21 amphenol cables for both digital and analog station ports are male, as well as the GXW, so if the lengths of the tails are good, you can move the RJ21 over. Keep in mind the Panasonic is 16 port and the GXW are 24 port so you will need to swing some jumpers.

GXW4200 Series - User Manual - Documentation Center (


I will give some guidance.
The 50PIN/24Pairs connector ends up in a disconnection case (Dis-case/MDF) probably you have a 50Pair Dis-ace(MDF). The GXW4248 too should have an Amphenol cable. What you have circled up there on the Panasonic KX-TDA100 are the Amphenol cable connectors of the Panasonic. So from your GXW4248 Amphenol cable, you should terminate them (matching extension numbers) into the discase.

The image above is not clear. What cards are those in the system. Digital extenion cards or Analog extension cards. If they are analog, you will use the GXW4248, but if the extensions are digital they wont work with the GXW4248 gateway.